Driving through the Southern Oregon Coast

If you’ve heard of the classic California Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast, this highway Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 3.00.21 PMchanges its number from 1 to 101 at some point and becomes the Route 101 in Oregon.  We had driven along the coast from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR before, and I wanted to do it again in Southern Oregon.

This time around, I specifically wanted to explore the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, which is located in the Southern Oregon Coast. I have been seeing many amazing pictures on Instagram and was excited to see the rugged coastline in person.

We drove from Lassen Volcanic NP and slept at a rest stop after crossing the Oregon border. Waking up to a sunny morning, we knew it is going to be a great day. We decided to check out the coast right away and found that Harris Beach State Park is just across the highway! It was beautiful. Expansive beach in low tide and lone rocks stand in the ocean with waves crashing against the rock. It was breakfast with a view!

Min climbed up a boulder at Harris Beach State Park

It was a relaxing and strolling kind of day. We drove along 101, pulled to the side whenever we saw the “Viewpoint” signs, got out of the car, walked around and took many pictures. It’s as easy as that! We stopped at Arch Rock, Natural Bridges and a few others that I don’t remember.

Somewhere along the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor


Southern Oregon Coast

Oh!!! Remember the total solar eclipse in North America? It was only a couple days away from the eclipse and the path of totality was going to go through Oregon, so we were on a hunt to get our hands on one of those eclipse glasses. We called a few public libraries who were giving them out and we started to feel anxious because they either ran out already or will run out soon. We were still 2 hours away from the next library when Min heard from a local that some place called “Jerry’s” sell them for $2/pair. We had no idea who and what “Jerry’s” is. We trusted google map when we put in Jerry’s, which is a rogue jet company in Gold Beach, OR. Why not give it a try, right? Walking up to a window for boat rentals, we saw the eclipse glasses! YES! Jerry’s is real! We looked up on the internet to make sure that the manufacturer is legit as there were fake ones out there and we do not want to lose our eyeballs. Now we are all set to go to the path of totality!

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 4.28.50 PM
We are ready to watch the Total Eclipse in Oregon!

I wanted to watch the sunset by the beach and it turned out to be the windiest day ever. Pictures can’t tell that it was actually cold and windy. Once the sun set, we drove off to find a place to sleep.

Sunset by the coast

The next morning we stopped by Dune City, Oregon and had some fun running among the sand dunes.


Aug 17-18 2018

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