About Us


Kellie & Min

It’s simple.

We made a bold decision in March 2017 to do a multi-month road trip across the USA. Ten days later, we bought a used minivan which we later turned it into a mini camper van. Then in August 2017, Kellie left her job in the Silicon Valley, California while Min had a long term of leave of absence (how generous is his employer!). We packed up our apartment and drove away!

Five months later, January 2018, we ended our road trip and came back to Silicon Valley. Min went back to his job and Kellie is figuring out what to do with her life. We are slowly adjusting back to real life (sadly) and are still living out of our minivan in the mean time.

We created this blog to share on-the-road stories, thoughts, and experiences. We are slowly documenting (and reminiscing) our adventures in the past five months.

Adventure does not stop here even though we are no longer on the road. Weekend trips are definitely happening and we are excited to explore all that California has to offer!

If photos and visuals are your thing, check out and follow our instagrams!

– Min’s Instagram: @allidoismin
– Kellie’s Instagram: @kelliewkchung