IMAG6011.jpgCurrent Location: Seattle, Washington (Bellevue to be exact)

Hello Family and Friends!

It has been over a month since Min and I left Sunnyvale, California and embarked on this cross-country adventure (We started on Aug 8 2017). We are now in Washington state. Yes, evidently we are moving very slowly and had only made across two states in over a month!

For the past week and a half, we have been living with our friends from college in Bellevue, Washington. Why stay so long? Because Joydi, our minivan, broke down last week and needed some extensive repairs. Now I had an extra week of down time, I thought this would be the best time to start a blog about our travels.

Our goal is to go all the way across the country to New York City, where my family lives, and then back to Sunnyvale, California, where our belongings are currently being stored. We made this BIG decision to travel cross-country earlier this year in March. Ten days later, we bought a used minivan and started drawing up and turning it into a mini camper van. Five months later in August,  I left my job and Min took a 4-month leave of absence from work. Our apartment lease in Sunnyvale, California also ended at the same time. We sold some of our belongings, donated some, moved some to relative’s house, and the rest into a tiny 4’x7′ closet-size storage.

People had been asking us how long this trip would be, what spurred us to do this, where will we be after, and what are we going to do when this is over. Honestly, everything is up in the air and we do not have a solid answer or plan. Social media has made it conveniently easy and helpful to share photos and happenings instantly. But we would like to share more, thoughts and experiences that photos simply cannot represent without writing an essay in the caption. So we hope that we would use this blog to share our life updates, van life experiences, the expected and unexpected, praise and struggle of living with a spouse in close proximity, and of course the fun and not-so-fun adventures.

Here is the first one. The repair for our minivan will be completed tomorrow, and we will be heading northeast to North Cascade National Park for a few days, then continue to Canada!


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